Electric Car Rental Dublin

Electric Car Rental at Dublin Airport

Rent an electric car from Budget in Dublin Airport and explore Ireland in style. With our new range of electric car rental options, we hope to lead the way to a greener future. 

Combining the latest in safety technology, top drive performance, and energy efficiency all in an EV, our new electric rental cars will change the way we rent cars. With improved battery power capable of long distance driving our EV rental cars are a popular choice for both business and leisure customers. 

Better For The Environment

Driving electric cars is better for the environment. Our range of Tesla Model 3 rental cars contribute zero carbon emissions to the environment. They also reduce noise pollution in built up areas making them the socially responsible choice for the conscience renter. 

Charging your Electric Rental Car

You can charge your electric rental car at home or on the go which ever suits you trip plans. The ESB have a nationwide network of publicly accessible charge points in most towns and villages around Ireland. These chargers are located at hotels, motorway service stations, shopping centre and car parks. They can be easily found using the in car GPS or with live updates on the ecar connect app.

There are three types of chargers on the ESB public charging network: 

  • Standard charging (up to 22kW) found on street and in car parks. These take 1-8 hours to recharge your battery. 

  • Fast charging (up to 50kW) found in motorway service stations and some car parks. These charging points can charge a car up to 80% in approximately 30 minutes depending on car type and battery size. 

  • High Power charging (up to 150kW) found on motorway and national road sites. These EV chargers can provide up to 100km of driving range in as little as six minutes, depending on your car battery size. 

Other high power options are available from Tesla Superchargers and the powerful Ionity chargers which can both charge a battery to full in less than an hour.