Tourist Tips

Finding your way around

Road signs in Ireland are generally good, but in any case, a good map or Satellite Navigation system is advised.

Road safety

As always road safety should be taken very seriously while travelling Ireland and the rules of the road should be adhered to at all times. Always remember to wear your seatbelt and never drink and drive.

The currency

The currency in Northern Ireland is GB Pound (Sterling) and the currency in the Republic of Ireland is Euro.

Accommodation in Ireland

There are plenty of Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels to choose from so shop around and compare prices. If you book early it is likely you will get it cheaper than last-minute. It is also advisable to book a Bord Failte or Irish Tourist Board approved Bed and Breakfast for a higher standard of accommodation. Budget Car Rental have compiled a selection of accommodation to choose from, please click here for more information. 

Find the true Irish

Eat and stay outside of the cities to see the true Irish culture. Find entertainment in the local pubs. Most pubs provide live music every weekend and some during the week, you will be having the 'craic' at a much cheaper rate than the cities too.

Eating out

Most restaurants in Ireland will take last orders at ten o'clock, some even later. If you prefer, many restaurants provide an 'early bird' menu. This menu has discounted prices for diners who wish to eat before the restaurants busy hours.

Irish tourist attractions

There are hundreds of tourist attractions in Ireland to choose from, so choose carefully the ones you wish to visit to use your time wisely. If you are a student or have a child with you or are aged over 60 it is likely there are discounts available to you, enquire before paying. Here are a few attractions worth seeing.